Push Notifications To Boost Conversion:E-Commerce Case

Push Notifications To Boost Conversion:E-Commerce Case

The importance of mobile to your digital marketing and e-commerce strategy is monumental to boost conversion. During the year 2014, mobile growth outdid e-commerce growth and during 2015, it exceeded desktop traffic.

Push notifications have opened a variety of new performance methods for mobile. They have a larger open rate than email. Many large companies have already started to grasp the importance of tailoring better digital strategies focused on mobile. They use web push notifications to increase engagement and to get users to subscribe to programs in a more effective way.

This innovative communication method for both desktop and mobile users work in a way of a form and once the user has submitted his request, the process of converting them into leads, begin. There are many available tools to personalize the message and it will all depend on the level of expertise and content sophistication for it to be successful.

Web Push Notifications are messages that work across Android Mobile and Desktops. These notifications are supported by all the leading browsers and one can send push notifications in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

How are E-Commerce Companies using web push notifications?

E-Commerce companies will usually include Coupon Portal,  review websites and Price Comparison. Their focus is to position themselves as close as they can to the purchasing funnel. This is when push notifications become a powerful tool that drives impulsive purchasing behavior.

Driving traffic to the e-commerce store is the goal. Each click/redirection will impact the web traffic flowing towards a specific e-commerce store which is a clear advantage over email. This is mainly why web push notifications are used by marketers to send out engaging notifications that contribute towards driving more sales.


Coupon sites use several instances when the find out that a process is not leading to a transaction, for example: when a user does click on the coupon but ends up not purchasing it. This probably happens because the users of today are always trying to locate the best deal.  This is how you can modify your communication efforts and re-target these users: using push notifications that have a way better chance of achieving your goal vs email.

E-Commerce Offers

E-Commerce companies are looking to showcase better deals and offers to users that show interest in specific categories. Push notifications are very successful in doing this for the user. Flash sales need to create a sense of urgency so that the user purchases on the spot.

Redirection without driving traffic to your site

The user is ready to pay for his/her purchase. Your website uses Pay Pal (for example), to charge the user. These sites will redirect the user to their sites. Therefore, it is better to redirect them to the target site without driving traffic to your site.

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