Web Push Notifications For The Banking Industry

Web Push Notifications For The Banking Industry

New and innovating marketing solutions have been adapted by the Banking and Financial industry over the past years. They have adapted to the new marketing trends and implemented sophisticated solutions to drive acquisition and engagement. Their main categories such as loans, show a great deal of user acquisition.

Their products and services are mainly purchased via web, in both desktop and mobile phones. They have created easy to access apps that help their users with their transactions in a much comfortable way.

In order to present the users with friendly and engaging methods, push notifications have been designed and implemented by this market and it has become a refreshing strategy that helps users subscribe to updates and begin receiving important updates on their phones or desktops.

Content Marketing:

This industry has also evolved by engaging users with lead generating content that aims to educate users about a specific problem and then ease them into the solution funnel. Content marketing involves frequent user communication and driving traffic to blog. Marketers are increasingly inclining towards web push as a communication channel over email. With response rates up to 25%, user communication is more impactful.

Retargeting for Lead Generation

If we know that over 90% of users will abandon the website before registering for a service or completing any transactions, then we know that we must turn to Web Push Notifications when retargeting these users and reeling them back to the website. By using them, the conversion rates increase exponentially.

Offers and Alerts

Banks are also using Web push notifications for direct end user communication such as promotions announcements, new product launches, product updates and upgrades. The efficacy of the communication and the response rates obviously improve with targeting and segmentation.

There are many uses for web push notifications and the bank industry has taken full advantage of each one of them. They can send user feedback, send reminders, send alerts, send payment reminders, send upgrade alerts, etc.

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