Web Push Notifications To Drive More Sales

Web Push Notifications To Drive More Sales

A great example of how to drive more sales,  keep reading. There is a huge market piece of pie in Online food delivery businesses. You want to know the size of this piece? It’s over $210 billion dollars.

That’s right. HUGE. Also, because of its massive market opportunity, it is one of the most competitive business niches out there. Still, people will prefer to buy food online than rather drive to a restaurant. The largest segment of this market that purchases food online are Millennials.

To accurately target geographically and deliver on time, using push notifications can take you very far in this business. Although most users tend to order food from their mobile phones, there is still a chunk that does it through their desktop. Use web push notifications to reach out to that target audience because they make it easy to segment users based on their behaviors.

A Great Example:

Clickeat is an online food delivery platform. Their aim was not only to attract new customers, but they also wanted to establish loyalty with them. They wanted a user to come back and always use their platform to order their food online. They implemented web push notification and within 5 months of adoption, acquired over 113K Loyal Subscribers.  They used push notifications to send its users their menus.

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