How Nudge Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Nudge Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

We always want to persuade our leads to purchase our products or services. We strive in finding new ways to reel them in and make loyal customers out of them. Every company’s goal is to influence consumers towards marketing options that will increase sales.

Steering them into our sales funnel doesn’t only rely on gimmicks and sales promotions, but in adapting efforts that link to their emotional drive. As behavioral beings, our emotional state and moods, likes and dislikes help us to create habits rather than asking them flat out to buy from us.

You might already be familiar with Nudge Marketing that refer to the manipulation of choices of our consumers. Behavioral economics have shown for years that nudges help encourage customers to be influenced.

Some examples of nudge marketing done right are:

  1. Urinal Flies

Amsterdam Airport placed urinal fly images near bathroom drains and spillage in urinals reduced by 80%.

  1. Light System- Massachusetts General Hospital

Health and wellness tend to be the most popular application of nudges. In order to avoid people from choosing unhealthy food in their cafeterias, they applied a light system (Red, Yellow and Green), labeling their unhealthier choices like pizza and soft drinks with a red light, and vegetables and fruits with the green one. This spiked the consumption of healthy food by 46% and Red-light foods decreased by 21%.

  1. A Dollar to Teen Moms

Greensboro, North Carolina implemented an amazing nudge campaign to decrease teenage pregnancies by paying teen moms a dollar a day for everyday they are not pregnant. The states birth rates in teens decreased by 55%.

  1. Payment for Quitting

A successful health campaign nudged tobacco consumers to quit smoking by paying them for each day they stay on the wagon. Over 2,800 people participated in the campaign and over 45% have quit for good.

  1. Piano Stairway

To encourage people to take the staircase instead of the escalator, Volkswagen converted a set of steps at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm into working piano keys. This encouraged people to start using the stairs and choose a healthier lifestyle.

How Can Your Business Nudge Effectively?

You must go back to your buyer personas and find out commonalities between them to be able to find triggers that can influence them into the path you want them to take.

Imagine you’re an e-commerce retail store and you want to implement nudges that will increase your sales and your customer loyalty, let’s also imagine that your target audience are women between 25-45. Create a campaign that will speak to them, specifically about what tugs at their heart. If your buyer persona is this woman, and she’s into her career and ambitions, your campaign could empower them.

Your design for them could be a free “powerful girl” t-shirt with your brand’s logo and colors for purchases of executive outfits.

This is just an example of how to apply a nudge on your marketing efforts. Remember that in order to employ them, you must first do your homework and find out what is moving your consumers. Use that.

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