Publishers Increase Traffic Using Push Notifications

Publishers Increase Traffic Using Push Notifications

Publishers Jump increasing your Traffic Using Push Notifications

Did you know that 79% of online browsers watch a video every single day? Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? Anything from funny meme videos to important news streaming, videos are just one click away, and they can either be accessed through a browser or an app.

Users need to receive some form of communication when something of their interest is posted; this drives repeat views. 66% of people receive news on both desktop and mobile, out of which 56 % prefer mobile. It is therefore necessary to cater the users on both mobile and desktop.

It is in this context, web push notifications surface up as a fantastic alternative for publishers.

Web Push Notifications are clickable updates that are sent to the users even when they are not on your website. They are delivered across devices, making it easier to reach the users on both desktop and mobile. It allows you to engage with the users better by sending them notification in the native language.

Browser Push Notifications are swift and crisp updates that work seamlessly across Desktop (all OS) and Mobile (Android only). Website push notifications are supported on Chrome 42 and later, Firefox 44 and later and Safari 7.1 and later.

How Web Push Helps Your Website Talk

Real Time updates

Sending out real time updates to their users, help marketers mitigate the amount of notifications a user can get, thus mitigating spam, at the same time. This will keep your user updated on new promotions, sales, match scores, live events, giveaways, etc.

Genre Wise Content

YouTube Influencers have sprouted like flowers in the spring, luring in subscribers with their innovative and captivating content. The word says it all: Content. As long as you can create trending, innovative, original and relatable content, you will see how your audience will increase. You will need this content when sending push notifications to your targeted audience. You will need to segment your audience and send the content that appeals to them and only them, in order to generate engagement and avoid annoying them with spam.

How Publishers Can Monetize

Many business are now adopting native advertising as part of selling their inventory. There are high chances that direct advertising will leads to adblock. To avoid this entirely, many publishers are not actively adopting native advertising. Push notification makes it easier to reach the right audience and encourage a action.

Reminders/ Announcements

Users who are a regular follower of the content that you post, need to be informed about the video/ podcast that you are posting or have already posted. This keeps them informed and brings them back to your website.

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