Push Notifications to Mitigate Facebook Dependency

Push Notifications to Mitigate Facebook Dependency

Mobile Ads

More sophisticated marketing solutions have popped up over the last few years. Media Industry and similar companies have had to rapidly evolve with the times.

With the newspaper usage decline of 2014, digital ads became the new playing field, growing to up to $240 billion in 2019.

When you look at the growth charts of digital marketing advertisement, you must focus on the fact that the larger chuck relies on mobile ads. More money is spent in mobile advertising and in new and exciting ways to entice mobile users to purchase products and services.

According to a recent survey, 60% of all mobile phone users will check their phones as soon as they wake up. Imagine the advertisement possibilities in that 60% market pie.

Many brands are now adapting their marketing ad strategies towards mobile and desktop push notifications to ensure personalized user engagement and to boost click through rates. Publishers are using Push Notifications to mitigate their Facebook dependency as well.

Web Push Notifications are interactive messages work seamlessly across Desktop (All OS) and Mobile (Android only). Supported by all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, the adoption of web push technology has been rapid.

Benefits for marketers of using Web Push Notifications include:

  • Easy Opt -in: Subscribing for web push notifications is just a one-step process.
  • Click through rates: With web push notifications, marketers are able to drive CTR’s in the range of 10%-25%.
  • User experience: Building an app is neither necessary nor affordable for every business. According to
  • Comscore’s Mobile report, users are not downloading new apps like they used to.
  • Result: Businesses have started shunning the app route.

Here’s how Push Notifications stand out:

Real-time event update

Sending out real time updates to their users, help marketers mitigate the amount of notifications a user can get, thus mitigating spam, at the same time. This will keep your user updated on new promotions, sales, match scores, live events, giveaways, etc.

News Update

Sending real-time messages is one of the significant advantages of web push notifications which makes it even more suitable for events like flash new and breaking news. In such cases, emails and SMS fall short as these are entirely dependent on the user to open that email or SMS.

Personalized content

Avoiding send mass notifications can be done by targeting your audience to send specific news and updates for that specific niche. For example, if part of your audience is into art, then you can send them and only them, updates related to arts.


Where mobile leads over desktop by adding more digital minutes businesses need a multi-platform solution. A solution that helps them retain and engage all their web users and push notifications serve these purpose rightfully. Many early adopters like Zee News have experienced an astonishing CTR of 19.5% with 4841 clicks.

Images taken from: marketingland.com; notificationscloud.com; netcoresmartech.com

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