How Push Notifications Increase Sales In Travel Industry

How Push Notifications Increase Sales In Travel Industry

How Push Notifications Increase Sales In Travel Industry? Here, the answer. You have probably seen many ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google that alert you of great deals on hotels and flights. During the past years, Internet-based distribution systems have dramatically changed how hospitality and travel industry products are sold.

An increasing number of users get easy access to their deals while accessing the internet. They select the deals that best fit them from the vast amount of information and different criteria available for them; all to help the user make better informed decisions.

Before all of these new methods were available, the hospitality and travel industry relied only on purchase and behavior indicators to approach their target audience.

But very recently, this niche has begun focusing more on predictive analysis to seek high user engagement rates. It now focuses its efforts in finding out what the audience is looking for, rather than what the company offers.

Web Push notifications are enabling brands to communicate swiftly and effortlessly. They are instant and drive repeat visits, encouraging people to make a purchase. With web push it become easy to segment users based on their behavior, activities and location.

This makes it possible to send them relevant notifications in a much more cost effective and timely manner.

Retaining an existing user is more important than acquiring a new one. It will cost you less time and less money when you adapt this practice. This is when re-targeting is used.

Increase Sales

A large chunk of users that tend to click without completing the payment procedure.

To get them to complete the purchase, the industry used to rely solely on email marketing (only if user has provided email id). However, web push has better conversion rates, they are personalized and tailored to fit each user’s needs. It can be segmented and adapted to a specific demographic.

This is why the industry started relying on web push notifications to increase sales and engagement.

A user is looking to book a flight and needs to be notified when available rates for that flight appear. Web push can be helpful to target these specific users, for instance.

You can now segment your users based on the activities they perform on your website and send them relevant notifications to help them make the purchase. They also help the user learn about new and important updates.

The Use of Content

If you want to drive traffic to your travel or hospitality website, you should focus on developing a content strategy that will engage your target audience. With the right content, you will educate your users about your products and lead them through the education funnel. This will drive traffic to your site and people will share your blog posts on social media.

For content marketing, most of the marketers are increasingly inclining towards web push as a communication channel over email. With response rates up to 25%, user communication is for more impactful.

Don’t Spill all Your Beans

Keep your users guessing. The suspense will encourage them to click on your notifications if you provide only a glimpse of the offer available to them. Drop information in tips and bits and make them exciting and interesting so that they lead to more clicks.  Tip: make sure you use deadlines to put some pressure on your lead.


Why not throw some transportation and accommodation offers to your deal, as well? This will persuade your users to be more inclined to take the deal. Make sure that your offers don’t come with additional strings, so that your customer becomes a loyal one, refers you, and gives you a great review.


Send your user timely alerts that might remind them of your offer. Users have a busy life and might forget they booked a flight or a hotel room. Send them details of time, date and even address and phone #.


Everyone enjoys being pampered and rewarded. Treat your loyal customers to offers tailored specially for them. This will increase the chances of this user to keep purchasing from you. Give them flights, hotels, and transportation discounts, free coupons or upgrade notifications.

Try it! Manyleads will tailor each web push notification to fit your industry’s needs. Contact us today!

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