8 Amazing Examples of Social Proof Done Right

8 Amazing Examples of Social Proof Done Right

We discussed how to best apply it on our most recent post and we now want to show you 8 amazing examples of social media proof done right.

Just to refresh your memory, let’s recap on what Social Proof is the key persuasion trigger in marketing, used to influence your lead into purchasing from you.

Now let’s proceed with our 8 examples:

  1. FitBit

Fitbit designated an entire page on their website for expert endorsement. This section showcases their praises on the product and this is probably why it is the best rated fitness tracker on the market, today.

  1. Sugar Bear Hair

Biotin supplements have become increasingly popular in the recent years, but none are more successful than SugarBearHair. They got celebrities to endorse their products, but it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian endorsed it that sales skyrocketed.

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks really needs no advertising efforts to try to lure customers into their already really busy locations, but because celebrities are often photographed with their Starbucks cups in their hands keeps the brand looking cool and updated.

  1. Yelp

Yelps entire premise is social proof. It is the number one site to view and write reviews on most any business possible. This incredible site reports around 145 million visitors PER MONTH!

  1. LinkedIn

The social media platform focused on business liaisons used by over 500 million people and an estimate of 260 million log in every month.

LinkedIn allows its users to write personal recommendations that lead to better opportunities to get hired within the app.

  1. Mens with Pens

Promoting the number of subscribers on your website points out the value of your brand. Many bloggers are using this social media strategy to stay relevant and get users to subscribe to their blogs.

Mens with Pens uses this strategy by combining it with a call to action, that promotes FOMO on visitors.

  1. Itunes

Have you come across a prompt that says something along the lines of “people who bought this also bought”? If your answer is yes, then you’ve experienced automated social proof. Itunes adds value to the initial purchase by recommending additional tracks that others who bought the music you’re buying purchased additionally.

  1. Nature Made Vitamins

Third party certification is a great way to add value to your brand. Nature Made Vitamins  uses USP certification seal as social proof of the benefits of their products.

Images taken from: syedbalkhi.com

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