How to Double Conversions With Psychological Techniques

How to Double Conversions With Psychological Techniques

It’s possible to double your conversions, if you understand things like this one: Have you ever wondered why when you dress yourself and put shoes on you don’t feel your clothes or shoes on you during the day?

They just feel like they are an extension to you. You probably haven’t given this any thought and this is due to the fact that you have adapted to them being a part of you.

In psychology, this is known as Natural Adaptation or sensory adaptation, which is a gradual decrease in response to stimulus due to constant exposure to it.

This concept can be explained better if you think about the times you have filled up your bathtub and when you sink your hand in it you feel a slight burning sensation or mild pain, but if you leave your hand in there long enough, you will become accustomed to the heat, despite the water temperature not changing.

When you design a website with this understanding, you will increase your conversion because you will try to understand the fundamental psychological principles that drive the user to take action.

Now let’s learn techniques that will increase your conversions by adapting psychological techniques.

  1. FOMO

As discussed in previous posts, FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is an amazing trigger that can persuade your visitor to buy from you. Now imagine a car commercial where a group of friends load their beach stuff into the SUV’s spacious trunk and everyone is comfortably singing summer tunes while on their drive. You are going to want to experience this with your friends and consider even buying from their brand of cars when you decide to upgrade your vehicle. FOMO, as a psychological technique plays up the fun you may be having if you bought the product.

FOMO can showcase how good your life could be and it’s one of the most widely used techniques to drive sales.

You can take advantage of FOMO to boost sales by:

  • Including promotional images where people are using your product or service while pointing out its benefits.
  • Expiring your offers to make your user compelled to buy before losing this opportunity.
  • Using FOMO language in your calls to actions, such as: You don’t want to miss out- Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity- This exclusive offer won’t last long, etc.
  1. FITD

The Foot-In-The-Door technique is when you agree to do something for someone else to create a bond.  Imagine a friend of yours asks you to borrow some money, but the amount is way too much for you to even consider lending it. You feel bad because you care about your friend, but you are also afraid he or she will not be able to pay you back the amount. But what if the amount is considerably lower? Let’s say you agree to that smaller amount and when you get paid back, you’re more likely to trust your friend with larger amounts in the future.

Lots of companies use this technique to their advantage. ConvertCall, for example, is a call widget online company that offers high conversion rates to companies that decide to include this widget to their sites. When visitors enter the site and see the widget, a callback can be scheduled by the user and a call manager gets in touch with them to discuss what they offer. ConvertCall has a limited free plan that feels risk-free to their users, and it is! The catch is that the widget is so good and performs better than most clients expect, that over 73% of them have upgraded to a paid plan.

  1. Freebies

Now, who doesn’t like free stuff? Lots of companies are now luring their users with free stuff to get their attention. Once they accept them, they will be more likely to return the favor and convert.

This is the same principle of mall food court restaurants; their employees hand out free samples of their menus to passerby and at least 52% end up buying from their standout of gratitude of even shame.

Another great example is Adwork Marketing Agency. They are a digital marketing platform that offer month-to-month plans along with freebies for their clients. These freebies are widgets and apps that boost their clients’ conversion rate. The agency has secured long-term clients through the continuous developing and offering of free stuff that actually work in favor of their clients, thus boosting their own sales.

You can use freebies to grow your mailing list, to get users sign up to a free trial, or even fill out a form. The benefits of using freebies should always outweigh the time you have spent on this strategy for it to be successful, remember that.

When it comes to marketing the more you know, the more you will grow. Always learn new tools towards converting your visitor, and take advantage of what psychology offers.

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