Elements of the site page: understand the terms and meanings

Elements of the site page: understand the terms and meanings

Here are examples of elements that will make your site the best

From this material you will learn:

  1. The main elements of the site page
  2. Smaller, but no less important elements of the site page
  3. Design elements of the site page
  4. 3 elements of the site page, which will increase sales

It is not enough to make a web resource in the designer, it is important to understand which elements of the site page are most important and how they should be designed. Not always blind copying will lead to positive results, although there are rules that should be followed when creating any website.

The above elements can be a technical part, as well as a design or marketing tool. In our article we will tell you what the requirements are for the various components of the page, and give an example of elements that will make your site the best.

The main elements of a website page

So, let’s list the main elements of the site page, let’s consider what they are and what functionality they have.


The header – the top part of the page. As a rule, without it do not do, creating a web resource. Although sometimes the header and do not use.hat

Top-Line Branding

This part of the page is the information about the company, and sometimes it also places a sub-brand or lists the tags. The place of the logo is usually in the corner on the left, although this location is not mandatory – it’s just what most Internet users are used to.

Basic navigation system

Basically, the navigation system is tied to the header of the site. From here you can get to all its sections. If the resource does not have many pages, it is normal to place a drop-down menu in the header, which will be full navigation.

Auxiliary navigation system

Quite often sites have another navigation system, it includes elements that do not play a major role in the sales process. These may include the “About Us” and “Contact Us” sections.

Online chat for the site


A special field for search queries is also usually placed in the header, which is a logical decision, given the proximity to the navigation system.

Login and authorization

In the header is usually placed and the field for registration / authorization, if the site in principle there is an opportunity to create a secure personal account.


Above already mentioned the navigation system as part of the header of the site. However, such a system in itself is an independent element of the page. Mainly there are three basic systems of navigation based on the menu. Other existing options are secondary.

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Tabs are needed to navigate through site sections. Tabs have no navigation system of their own but are redirected by means of tab-related pages.

Drop-down menus

This kind of menu can be vertical or horizontal, usually the second option is used. Quite often drop-down menus are used on various sites. It is intuitive to users because of its wide distribution and convenience. This version of the menu allows you to quickly find yourself in the right section of the site, not making a long way. Sometimes developers design customizable drop-down menus because the site contains a large number of parameters.Drop-down menus

Drop-down menus

The tree menu is usually vertical and placed at the side of the page. It may contain links to all sections of the site or subsections of current pages. This menu may be static or unfold when you click on / point your cursor to him.

Perhaps the standard ways of displaying content are the most simple, clear and accessible to beginners.


Footers are mostly used either as a useful area of the site, where they put the navigation tools that have real functions, or as a place for information that should be on the site, but is of little importance to users. Often the footer is not particularly used, and gradually “dumped” there all the unnecessary. This is a normal phenomenon, and there is no point in worrying about it.

Often, however, the footer becomes the place where elements of the navigation system are placed. And it makes sense: if a user is interested in a company’s offerings and has scrolled all the way down the site, it makes sense to show them the way to the right content.

Which can be found in the footer:

  • Copyright information and links to legal information, such as a privacy policy;
  • a copy of the site’s main navigation system;
  • a full or partial site map;
  • links to content that is of interest only to a small portion of users, for example, information about cooperation with the company, advertising, etc.

Often in this area have a site map, which allows users to easily navigate to the site. Providing such information is much more useful than an empty footer. Often the bottom of the site becomes quite voluminous due to the large amount of data. In addition, the footer can put dynamic content (recent comments or customer reviews). This enlivens the Internet site, disposes to linger on it.

Smaller, but no less important elements of the site page

So, now we understand what the main elements of the site page. Next talk about the smaller parts of it – those that are included in the main. It is desirable to use them, too, when creating an Internet site.

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The elements we are going to tell you about below are important for keeping in touch with the users of the site and are designed for their activity. Their presence is very important in terms of increasing audience loyalty, improving behavioral indicators, ensuring interaction with potential customers.

Important elements of the page of the site


Contact information is present on almost any site, even if it has nothing to do with commerce. Typically, this is the company address (actual and legal), phone, email, map and driving directions.

The most logical place contacts on a personal page, which should also have a form of feedback. However, if they are compact enough, it is possible to put them in the header. Leaving the site without contact information is not recommended, especially for commercial sites – the absence of this information has a strong negative impact on the user, contributes to a decrease in loyalty and generally looks suspicious.

Add to bookmarks button

This element has an important role for the promotion of the site. If there is such a button, it gives an extra reason for a person to add the site to bookmarks and, consequently, to visit it again later. Of course, in order for this to happen, the content of the site should interest the user.

Creating the button, it is important not to forget to make it cross-browser, that is working in all browsers (including their mobile versions).

Including an element in the structure of the site, you do not need to use heavy scripts, you can choose this code:

<a onclick=”alert(‘To add the site to bookmarks, press Ctrl+D’);return false;” href=”#”><img itemprop=”image” alt=”Add site to bookmarks” src=”//wordpress-book.ru/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/zakladki.jpg” title=”Add site to bookmarks”></a>

Share on social media buttons.

Today, these elements of the site page should be one of its integral parts, given the popularity of social networks of different formats. It is better to decorate the buttons in a calm and unified style, so as not to create a large amount of visual clutter and not to distract the user from the main thing.

Form of subscription

Form of subscription is in fact one of the most important elements of the site, through it you can keep in touch with your audience, to tell them about the arrival of new products, the beginning of action and discounts.

Representations in social networks

It is very important to have a website element that provides a connection with the accounts of the company in various social networks, it usually contains the appropriate widget. After all, most users spend a lot of time in Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, and they are sometimes more convenient to get the information they are interested in it from there.

Companies sometimes create social media accounts not so much for sales as for keeping in touch with clients, keeping them informed, increasing traffic, and improving the behavioral indicators of the audience. And this way of promotion works well, perfectly complementing RSS and mailings.

Design elements of the site page

Free space

The space of the site, free of text and graphic elements, is as important as, for example, the navigation system or the header. The overall perception of the Internet site is very dependent on the location of the elements on it, their readability. Today, designers pay great attention to creating a focal point for the audience, and it is in this matter, the presence of free space is of great importance. This is due to the fact that the field is not occupied by content, makes the adjacent text or picture visually larger, they are better perceived by the human eye. It is important to observe and equal intervals between the same type of elements.

Chat-bot for business

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There is a call to action on almost any website, especially if it is designed for sales. The audience is encouraged to buy an item, download a movie or book, or subscribe to a company newsletter. This appeal should be noticeable and clear, it is important that the user has no problem reading it.

That is, developing the design of an Internet site, you should strive to ensure that all elements placed on the page served a common purpose – to call for a certain action and contribute to its implementation by users. What are the design techniques that help achieve this? This is primarily the use of certain colors, properly structured space, contrasting tones.

Large photos

The presence of large images of good quality always goes to the benefit of the site. People are much better at perceiving visual information. Therefore, it is important for designers to focus on this aspect when creating an internet site. Large format images are attractive and create a certain atmosphere.

When selling a product, it is important to present it in a favorable light from different angles. The more photos will illustrate the product, the better. And it is important to use original images created specifically for the request, rather than stock photos, which often lack the individuality so necessary in sales.

Web fonts

At this point, designers can access a huge number of fonts that can be used to create a website. Previously had to be content with a very limited number of them, because in all browsers without problems read only a few. It is important to understand the compatibility of fonts and their licensing. If you use web font services, you won’t have to deal with the problem of search engine optimization.

3 website page elements that will increase sales


What are the pros of a callback?

You can pleasantly surprise the customer. If he went to the site and left a request for a callback, the system recognizes the user and sends an email with his name, contacts and a record of a previous phone call when he logs in again. You can make a call that surprises the person. This mechanism has a positive effect on the company’s sales by generating a high level of customer loyalty.

Voicing a UTM tag. It is useful to set up a callback so that the manager automatically says utm tags when he connects with the customer: the user name, site from which the call is made, the key query.

Integration with analytics. You can connect the service “Callback” with Yandex.Metrika and Google.Analytics, making it easier to track the effectiveness of the funnel.

Setting up a geo-filter. Proper configuring will allow you to show widgets only to clients from the region you want, and thus save time and money on calls to other regions.

Integration with CRM-system. You can configure the whole system of return calls so that the requests will get to the CRM-system, as well as audio-recordings of conversations. As a result, the company will save the history of communication with each client.

Statistics of your website traffic and that of your competitors

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Binding to any form. All forms of contact available on the site can be linked to the Callback service. As a result, any request can be processed at once without losing precious time during which the probability of a deal is the highest.

Integration with Telegram. You will receive notifications of all new incoming calls after business hours. All information entered by a client in a form will be displayed in a messenger. Messages can be manually processed.


Why is MultiButton useful?

  • thanks to its installation 2.4 times increases the number of hits from the site;
  • Notifies the customer of special offers, and therefore contributes to the growth of sales;
  • raises the chances of selling certain products or services;
  • customers become more loyal due to the fact that there is an opportunity to choose an appropriate way of communication;
  • makes it possible to build a customer base by subscribing audiences to Telegram feeds and social networking groups.

Multi-button can be customized to meet specific needs, make it fit the site design, use a particular image. The programmer will help you configure it so that when you click the button, something specific will happen. For example, pop-up windows will appear, or third-party widgets will open.

Online Chat

Let’s consider the advantages of online chat.

Live auto-invitations.

Auto invitations can mimic a real company employee. This will increase online chat activity. It is useful to customize the personalization, which allows the system to collect information about the client (city in which he is located, search query, the source of the transition to the site) and invite him to the chat in a more relevant form.

Group chats.

Any company employee can join such a chat to help his colleagues.

Widget loading.

A very successful and convenient setup, which allows you to create several widgets on one site. In addition, they are easily customizable to certain conditions:

  • page address;
  • UTM-tags;
  • region;
  • cookie;
  • country;
  • device;
  • day of the week;
  • time;
  • login address;
  • IP address;
  • number of visits.
  • Working with a poor mobile connection.
  • 3 reasons why you should install the online consultant on your site
  • Deploy this option by yourself

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Online chat should always work. If a manager is suddenly out of touch while communicating with a client, he can lose it. It is important to set everything up in such a way that the chat works in all conditions and can’t cause a deal to be disrupted.

Application for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. It is important that the system works correctly on any platform and is available for download. This helps managers work quickly and interact effectively with clients.

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